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Faculty - Department of Civil Engineering

Dr. B. Sridhar is Professor and Head of the Department. It has 15 faculty members. The Civil Engineering Department is actively engagement in research and consultancy activities in the areas of cement and concrete structures. Research projects on Blended Cements, Concrete Composites like Fibers Reinforced Concrete with various types of fibers like steel, glass, polypropylene etc., GFRP, H.P.C., Light Weight Concrete, Non-Destructive Testing of Structures etc., are in progress and a few have been completed.

To strengthen the knowledge beyond the curricula and to expose the students to the latest trends in the industry Professional Practice School is being implemented.

  1. 1214, Dr. B.Sridhar,  M.Tech., Ph.D., Professor & HOD
  2. 1216, Dr. M.V.Rama Rao,  M.Tech., Ph.D, Post Doctoral Fellow, Professor
  3. 1206, Mr. M.Bhasker,  M.Tech., Associate Professor
  4. 1212, Dr. M.Srinivas ,  M.Sc., Ph.D., Associate Professor
  5. 1211, Dr. Thalanki Srinivas,  M.Tech.,Ph.D., Associate Professor
  6. 1219, Dr. C.Mohanlal,  M.Tech., M.Tech. (CSE), Ph.D., Associate Professor
  7. 1226, Mr. S.Vijaya Kumar,  M.Tech., Associate Professor
  8. 1225, Mr. M.V.S.S.Sastri,  M.Tech., Associate Professor
  9. 1881, Dr. K. Jayasree,  M.Tech., Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  10. 1858, Ms. Dhatri P.,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  11. 2053, Mr. S. Kesav Kumar,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  12. 2054, Ms. N. Niharika,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  13. 2059, Ms. R. Sowmya,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  14. 2069, Mr. J. Chaitanya,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  15. 2088, Ms. Neethu.B,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor

Adj.Prof. / Visiting Professor

  1. Mr. P. Surya Prakash, M.S. (Structures) , Adjunct. Facutly