Advanced Design & Manufacturing [Mech.][ME]

There is a large scope for the development and implementation of automation in design and manufacturing in the country and for research aspects in this area in advanced countries. The course is framed based on close interaction with some industries with commitment of support for M.E. projects. Some of the features in advanced design include automation in design and drafting, analysis, synthesis and related softwares. In advanced manufacturing, the subjects include CAM, FMS, non-destructive evaluation, advanced optical methodology, inspection techniques and Robotics. Stiffness/Dynamic based design, defect detection limit-based design are some of the important features of this course.


The department has well-qualified and experienced faculty in the relevant areas of design & manufacturing. Out of the 31 faculty members of the department, nearly 12 of them are actively associated with this P.G. Program.


A high job potential exists for automation in design, drafting, manufacturing and analysis and related software packages. This course is formulated based on discussions with nearby industries and close interaction with M/s. Mahindra & Mahindra, Zaheerabad and M/s. Rane Engine Valves, Aziznagar, Hyderabad. These companies have agreed to accommodate some of our students for their projects. Students are also placed in these companies.


The CAD/CAM Laboratory consists of high-end Compaq systems. The CAM lab has a CNC Denford trainer lathe with 8 station slant bed turret head and a CNC Denford trainer milling machine. The systems are provided with various softwares such as SDRC's "IDEAS", Mechanical Desktop, ANYSYS, Fluent, CNC turning and milling software. The automation lab includes Electro Pneumatic Trainer and some Robotic models.