Communication Engineering & Signal Processing [ECE][ME]

Traditionally, though "Signal Processing‟ is dealt in analog domain, with the advent of high speed computers, the focus has shifted to digital domain, Therefore "Digital Signal Processing‟ has attained prominence. Digital Signal Processing finds applications in almost every conceivable field of engineering. Its impact on consumer electronics is evidenced by the proliferation of digital communication, digital audio, digital television and digital imaging.

The 3G communication systems employ technologies supported by transmission and channel- assignment techniques such as TDMA, CDMA and OFDM. Also, there is a need to develop novel signal transmission techniques. It is important to obtain maximal benefit from the various transmission techniques using the diversity techniques along with mitigating the impairments of the wireless channel. Therefore, advanced receiver signal processing techniques are also of interest.

Wireless communication operations permit services, such as long range communications, without the use of wires. The term "wireless" has become a generic and all-encompassing word used to describe communications in which electromagnetic waves or RF carry a signal over part or the entire communication path, for example Mobile Communication.

  • Professional Land Mobile Radio and Specialized Mobile Radio typically used by business, industrial and Public Safety entities.
  • Consumer and professional Marine VHF radios.
  • Cellular telephones and pagers that provide connectivity for portable and mobile applications, both personal and business.
  • Global Positioning System (GPS): allows drivers of cars and trucks, captains of boats and ships, and pilots of aircraft to ascertain their location anywhere on earth.
  • Cordless computer peripherals: The cordless mouse is a common example;
  • Keyboards and printers can also be linked to a computer via wireless.
  • Cordless telephone sets: These are limited-range devices, not to be confused with cell phones.
  • Satellite television: It allows viewers in almost any location to select from hundreds of channels.

Today, there are many service providers in the wireless communication industry to cater to the increasing demand for these services. This necessitates availability of trained and skilled manpower in this area. Therefore, starting a postgraduate course in Signal Processing and Communication Systems will be an appropriate choice in ECE department. The course aims at training the students in development and deployment of various signal processing related techniques in the latest communication systems.