Department of Computer Applications

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

  • To gain knowledge and proficiency for analysis, design and problem solving, to have a successful career in industry and for higher studies.
  • To promote application of technical knowledge coupled with project management abilities.
  • To imbibe leadership qualities with professional ethics and communication skills.
  • To provide positive attitude for lifelong learning.


  1. An ability to apply knowledge in computer applications to become successful professionals.
  2. An ability to develop logic and understand the essential mathematics related to Information Technology.
  3. An ability to Design, implement, and evaluate a software product.
  4. An ability to apply skills for solving technical problems in software development.
  5. An ability to familiarize with emerging & advanced software tools.
  6. An ability to experience the industrial environment for understanding the impact of computational solutions in a global & societal context.
  7. An ability to analyse the knowledge of contemporary issues.
  8. An ability to apply professional ethics.
  9. An ability to get readiness to collaborate in a multi-disciplinary team.
  10. An ability to communicate effectively.
  11. An ability to participate in life-long learning.
  12. An ability to handle the projects through appropriate project management techniques.