Department of MCA

Guest Lectures

S.No.TitleResource PersonDate From
1 Virtual Labs Demonstration Workshop by IIIT Hyderabad., Prof. Ravi Shankar, Project Manager, Virtual Labs, IIIT, Hyderabad. Ms. Mudrika, Developer, Virtual Labs, IIIT Hyderabad. Ms. Sravanthi, Test Engineer, Virtual Labs, IIIT, Hyderabad., 29-08-2018
2 A 3-Day workshop on "Data Structures Concepts with Industry Orientation”, Mr. Naveen, member of CCC (Campus Corporate Connect), Hyderabad. Mr. Sravan, member of CCC (Campus Corporate Connect), Hyderabad., 07-08-2018
3 a 3-Day Workshop on “Fundamental Programming Concepts with Industry Orientation”, Mr. Bharadwaj and team,Trainers, CCC (Campus Corporate Connect), Hyderabad., 22-02-2018
4 Placement Orientation Programme, Ajay Nallanagula, Software Engineer, Epam. Shiv Kumar Ballari, Process Developer, Synchrony Financial., 17-02-2018
5 An Orientation program at College Level for all Branches, Ravi Krishna, IPS, 18-10-2017
6 Career Guidance Program on “The Six keys to Excellence”, Mr. Shekeer, CEO Empower Training solutions (Limca Record Holder), 07-10-2017
7 Expert Lecture On “Database Management Systems”, Dr. Y.V. Subba Rao, School of Computer & Information Sciences, University of Hyderabad, 21-09-2017
8 A Seminar on “Ways to Build – ‘The Engineering culture’ ”, Mr. Srinivasa Reddy Ghanta, Optum Global Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, 29-04-2017
9 Organized A One Day workshop on “IBM SPSS Modeler 17.0” Under Co-curricular activities, Ms. S. Sree Lakshmi, Ms. M. Gayatri, Ms. K. Bindhu Madhavi, Mr. A. V. Ravindra Kumar, Department of Computer Computer Applications, Vasavi College of Engineering (A) , 23-03-2017
10 A Seminar on “Framework of understanding Design Thinking”, Mr. Sandeep Bekkem, Independent Global Business Consultant, Team Infiniti, Hyderabad, 24-12-2016
11 Workshop on “Cloud Computing and Application Development Framework”, Mr. Chinni Krishna, Principle Applications Engineer, Oracle, Hyderabad., 28-10-2016
12 A Seminar on “CAMPUS 2 COPORATE”, Mr. Ravi Katukum, CEO, Ennovator, Hyderabad., 05-10-2016
13 An Orientation program at College Level for all Branches, Mohd. Shakir, Motivational Speaker, 01-10-2016
14 A Seminar On “Placement Guidance”, Mr. S. Srinivas, Principal Software Engineer, GGK Technologies Ltd., Hyderabad. , 21-09-2016
15 A Seminar On “How to Crack Interviews?”, Ms. Ankitha, Software Engineer, TCS , Hyderabad. , 25-05-2016
16 A Technical Workshop On “PYTHON”, Dr. Srinagesh Chatarajupalli, INFOSYS, Hyderabad. Mr. Sai & Mr. Kuldeep Mishra, INFOSYS, Hyderabad., 01-04-2016
17 A Seminar on “Employability Skills in IT Industry”, Mr. G. Chandrasekhar, Head - HR, CNO IT Services (INDIA) PVT. LTD., Hyderabad,, 04-03-2016
18 A One Day workshop on “Big Data Analytics” , Dr. Rajeev Agarwal, Department of Computer Systems Technology, North Carolina A&T State University, USA. , 16-12-2015
19 A Seminar on “Inspire, Ignite and Involve”, Prof. M. L. Sai Kumar, Formerly Dean, Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad., 05-12-2015
20 A Seminar on “Are you Ready for IT”, Mr. Kishore Mare, Application Programmer, IBM, Hyderabad., 07-11-2015
21 A Seminar on “Preparation for a Career”, Mr. Rakesh, Sr. Infrastructure Specialist – Middleware Systems, CTS. Mr. Ravi Kumar, Technology Specialist – Middleware Systems, CTS. Hyderabad., 07-11-2015
22 A Seminar On Career Cross Roads and Resume Building, Mr. Aditya Kesanupalli, Confederation of Indian Industry, Ms. Saroja, Indian Women Network, Ms. Gouri, 15-10-2015
23 A One day workshop on “Data structures and Algorithms”, Sandeep Kumar, 04-07-2015
24 A Guest Lecture (Under Co-Curricular Activities) ON “How to Improve Technical and Soft Skills” to get Placements , Mr. Rupesh, Bank of America, Mr. Naveen, MAQ, Mr. Mallikarjun, Cambridge Technologies, Mr. Rajendra, CTS, 20-06-2015
25 A Seminar on “How To Prepare For Placements”, Mr. Vishwas Hanurkar, Sr. Delivery Manager, CapGemini, Dallas, USA., 30-04-2015
26 A Technical Seminar on “Object Oriented Programming through JAVA”, Mr. D. Jayaraj, Lead, Wells Fargo India Ltd., Hyderabad., 25-04-2015
27 A Seminar on “Software Industry Expectations from Fresher”, Mr. Ramesh Talagampa, Senior Recruiter - Leadership Hiring at Amazon, Hyderabad, India., 18-04-2015
28 A Guest Lecture on “Generic Skills – Enhancing Employability” , Mr. S. Balakrishna, Business Analyst, Wells Fargo Limited, Hyderabad, 31-01-2015
29 A Seminar on Career Guidance, Ms. Swapna Bekkem, Project Manager, YASH Technologies, Hyderabad, 20-12-2014
30 A Technical Seminar on How to select a good Project, Mr. K. Rupesh, Team Leader, Bank of America, Hyderabad, 06-12-2014
31 PLACEMENT GUIDANCE, Ms. S. Naga Lakshmi, Software Engineer, DEF Team, 29-11-2014
32 One Day Workshop on “Fundamentals of .NET Framework” , Mr. Kushal Dwivedi, Development Lead, Microsoft IT, Hyderabad., 27-10-2014
33 Technical seminar on “Database connection for a Web-Based Application”, Ms. P. Chandana, Program Analyst, CTS, Hyderabad. Ms. D. Aparna, Program Analyst, CTS, Hyderabad., 08-10-2014
34 A Webinar on Enterprise Solutions in the IT Industry, Mr. Govind Srinivasan, Vice President-Delivery Head Technology Practice, TAKE Solutions and Dr. N. Chandrasekaran Vice President – Corporate Affairs, TAKE Solutions, 18-09-2014
35 One day workshop on “Core Concepts of JAVA” under Professional Bodies Activities, Mr. Praveen Reddy, Software Trainer, INetSolv Technologies, Hyderabad, 07-07-2014