Faculty Professional Society Membership Details : Department of IT

Sl. No. Faculty Name Designation Professional Society Name Membership No. Nature of Membership
1 Dr. K. Ram Mohan Rao Prof. & HOD, IT CSI 00141911 Life Member
IETE F237605L Life Member
ACM 9781349 Life Member
ISTE LM132799 Life Member
2 Dr. Tilottama Goswami Prof. ACM 4308336 Member
IEEE 94984369 Senior Member
RSRI(Rest Society for research international board of council) FMAA0031 Life Member
Society for Learning Technologies LM403 Life Member
3 Mrs.S. Aruna Associate Professor CSI I1501827 Member
4 Dr. B. Kezia Rani   Associate Professor ISTE Applied Life Member
CSI I1506066 Life Member
ACM 9735116  
5 Dr.K.Shyam sunder Reddy Associate Professor CSI I1501719 Life Member
6 Dr.S.K.Chaya Devi Associate Professor   IETE AM198956 Life Member
7 Dr. T. Hitendra Sarma Associate Professor IEEE IEEE (CIS) IEEE (G&RSS) 98868866 Sr. Member Member Member
ACM 5498192 Member
IE&I A M164181-9 Associate Member
8 Dr.N.Anil Kumar Associate Professor ISTE LM124244 Life Member
CRSI L/0400 Life Member
9 Dr.M.Neelakantappa Associate Professor ISTE LM33852 Life Member
10 Dr.S.K.Prashanth Associate Professor IEEE 98302743 Member
11 Mrs. S. Sreelakshmi Assistant Professor (SS) CSI 00102544 Life Member
ISTE LM 38333 Life Member
12 Mr. K. Rama Krishna Assistant Professor (SS) CSI   Life Member
ISTE LM38335 Life Member
IETE M 236921 Life Member
13 Mr. K. Srinivasa Chakravarthy Assistant Professor ISTE LM132801 Life Member
IEEE 91218527 Member
14 Ms.S. Rajyalaxmi Assistant Professor CSI I1169311 Life Member
ISTE LM132803 Life Member
IAENG 274291 Member
15 Mr.N. David Raju Assistant Professor CSI I1501829 Member
ISTE LM132804 Life Member
16 Mr. G. Rajashekhar Assistant Professor IEEE 93543367 Member
17 Mrs. D.R.L.Prasanna Assistant Professor CSI I1501717 Member
ISTE LM132805 Life Member
18 Mrs. L.Divya Assistant Professor CSI I1501713 Member
ISTE LM132806 Life Member
19 Mrs. C. Sireesha Assistant Professor CSI I1505981 Life Member
ISTE LM 131838 Life Member
20 Mrs. B. Leelavathy Assistant Professor ISTE LM132807 Life Member
21 Mr. Dharma Reddy R Assistant Professor ISTE LM132808 Life Member
22 Mr.Mukesh Kumar Tripathi Assistant Professor   ISTE LM110116 Life Member
23 Mrs.Haseeba Yaseen Assistant Professor ISTE   LM133400 Life Member
24 Mrs.M.Sathya Devi Assistant Professor ISTE LM121206 Life Member
25 Mr.Manoj patil Assistant Professor CSI F8001609 Member
ACM 9837398 Member
IEEE 98424290 Member
26 Mrs.S.Renuka Assistant Professor IAENG   209345 Life Member