Department of EEE

Guest Lectures

S.No.TitleResource PersonDate From
1 Guest Lecture on Power System Protection an Overview, Dr.K.Ravi Kumar Bhim Singh, IIT Hyderabad, 18-03-2016
2 Expert Lecture on Need for Energy Efficiency , G.Subramanayam, Director Siri Energy & Carbon Advisory Services Ltd, 17-02-2016
3 Guest Lecture on Ultra HV HVDC System, Prof.K.K Jain, Retd Person from Electricity Board, 27-11-2015
4 Guest Lecture on Career Development, Ch.Navya(Alumni), Alumni, VCE, 19-11-2015
5 Guest Lecture on Electrostatic Fields, Dr.C.K.Sharma, , 29-10-2015
6 Seminar on Career Guidance, B.Saishma(Alumni), Alumni, VCE, 18-10-2015
7 Guest Lecture on Process of Career Planning, S.Kamal Kumar(Alumni), Alumni, VCE, 18-09-2015
8 Guest Lecture on Personality Development and Communication, P.Niranjan(Alumni), Alumni, VCE, 21-08-2015
9 Guest Lecture on Basics in Power Electronics and PE applications, Dr.K.Siva Kumar, IIT Hyderabad, 18-08-2015
10 Career Guidance on Innovation Technology and Enterpreneurship, T.Sravani, Alumni, VCE, 08-04-2015
11 Guest Lecture on DC-DC Converters, Sri.P.Anantha Kameswara Raju, Sr Engineer in Design and Development at CMC ltd, Hyd, 13-02-2015
12 Guest Lecture on Energy Management Systems, Dr.Sekhar.M.K, General Manager R&D , PRDC Bangalore, 12-02-2015
13 Guest Lecture on Protection and Automation in Substations, Sri.A.Satyanarayana Raju, ADE TRANSCO, 29-01-2015
14 Guest Lecture on Goal Setting, Ms.V.Rukmini, Student Counsellor, VCE, 19-01-2015
15 Guest Lecture on Emerging Trends in Power Systems, Ms.Alivelu Manga Parimi, BITS Pilani, Hyderabad, 27-10-2014
16 Guest Lecture on SCADA in Power System Distribution, Sri.V.Rachappa, ADE-SCADA Division of TSSPDCL, 21-10-2014
17 Guest Lecture on Solar PV Systems, Sri.V.Srinivas, CEO, Synergy Infra Consultants Pvt Ltd, 13-09-2014
18 Guest Lecture on Integrated Generation & transmission expansion planning of PS with high penetration of wind power, Dr.R.Balasubramanian, Chairman IEEE/PES/IAS/PELS Socity, Retd Prof IIT Delhi, 28-08-2014
19 Guest Lecture on Basics in PE and PE Applications, Dr.K.Siva Kumar, IIT Hyderabad, 20-08-2014
20 Seminar on Career Guidance, Padmavathi and Karthika, Alumni,VCE, 26-07-2014
21 Guest Lecfture on "SCADA Systems:Developments nad Concerns", S.S.Prabhu, IIT Kanpur, 11-04-2014
22 Guest Lecture on Career Opportunities in HVDC and HV Engineering, Dr.V.Kamaraju, Former Principal, JNTU Kakinada, 05-02-2014
23 Guest Lecture on energy Conservation and Management, Sri.G.Subtramanayam, Director Siri Energy & Carbon Advisory Services Ltd, 02-01-2014
24 Guest lecture on Overview of Smart Grid, Sri.G.Mahesh Kumar, ADE/CPTI/APCPDCL, 28-09-2013
25 Guest lecture on challenges faced in National Grid formation and Management in India, Sri.Ramesh Oleti, Senior Engineer, Ministry of Power, Govt of India, 31-07-2013
26 Guest Lecture on Engineering Profession Ethics and Human Values for benefit of society, Dr.A.K.Tripathy, IIT BHU, 30-07-2013
27 Guest Lecture on Power System Stability, Sri.A.V.R.Sarma, OU college of Engineering, 25-07-2013