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Faculty - Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Dr. M. Chakravarthy is Professor and Head of the Department. The department has 13 qualified and dedicated faculties comprising Professor, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors and also industry professionals. The faculty has teaching expertise in various specializations like Power Electronics & Drives, Power Systems & Electrical Machines, Renewable Energy sources and control systems. The department has 41 computer systems.

  1. 1957, Dr. M. Chakravarthy,  M.Tech, Ph.D., Professor & HOD
  2. 1297, Dr. K. Ravi Kumar,  M.Tech., Ph.D., Professor
  3. 1722, Dr. Ch.V.S.S.Sailaja,  M.Tech., Ph.D., Associate Professor
  4. 1413, Ms. G. Sandhya Rani,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor (Sr. Scale)
  5. 1411, Mr. M. Srinivasulu,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor (Sr. Scale)
  6. 1581, Mr. G.Mahesh,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  7. 1746, Dr. Pranava Gopu,  M.Tech., Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  8. 1838, Mr. U.Elisha,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  9. 1855, Mr. Neerati Uday Kumar,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  10. 1918, Mr. P. Ravi,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  11. 1943, Mr. P. RajasekharaReddy,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  12. 2114, Dr. Kasi Ramakrishna Reddy ,  M.Tech ., Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  13. 2117, C.Srinivasarathnam,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor