Why Mechanical Engineering at Vasavi

Department of Mechanical Engineering has started B.E. HONOURS PROGRAM in Robotics from the AY 2022-23. Salient points are:

  • Huge employment opportunities exist in Robotics around the world.
  • Many US and European universities are offering MS programmes related to Robotics.
  • Robotics also plays an important role in service and entertainment industries.
  • The growth in the Robotics area over the coming decade will be much more.
  • Robotics is set to become the driving technology for a whole new generation of autonomous devices.
  • Robotics can raise efficiency and safety levels and provide enhanced levels of service.
  • Robots can interact seamlessly with the world around them, and hence, provide the missing link between the digital and physical world.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has started a new laboratory course “Programming for Mechanical Engineers” with the following objectives:

  • To inculcate computing techniques and programming skills exclusively in Mechanical Engineering field
  • Enhance engineering knowledge in the Mechanical Engineering domain by plotting the data in various formats and drawing inferences and final conclusions
  • To help the student to understand the applications of Mechanical Engineering and to broaden the subject knowledge
  • Enable better employability of students both in IT and core Mechanical Engineering sectors
  • To develop better skills for project work and research papers publication
  • Recalling the concepts of programming languages learned during previous semesters and to better equip for the placements in the upcoming semesters
  • Enable the students to correlate concepts between computer programming and Mechanical Engineering
  • Improve the coding skills of the students

Placements: In the AY 2021-22 a total no. of 92.86% of Mechanical Engineering students placed through campus selection with a highest pay package of Rs.16.64 lakhs per annum and an average of pay package of Rs. 5.05 lakhs per annum.