Notifications : Examinations (CIE & SEE)

Date Published Description
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26-04-2022 [Revaluation Notice] M.E./M.Tech. I Semester(CBCS) Main Examinations: Request for Revaluation and Photocopy of the Answer Script
05-03-2020 [Revalution Notificaion] M.E./M.Tech. I Semester MakeUp Examinations held in February 2020
27-02-2024 [Revaluation Notice] M.E./M.Tech. I and III - Semester Main Examinations held in Jan/Feb-2024
16-11-2020 [Notification] M.E./M.Tech. (CBCS) II-Semester Main Examinations (Offline)
11-01-2021 [Notification] M.E./M.Tech. (CBCS) III-Semester Main Examinations (Offline) of the Academic year 2020-21 would be conducted in Feb-2021
27-01-2020 [Notification - Makeup Exam] M.E./M.Tech. (CBCS) III Semesters Makeup Examinations will be conducted from 15-02-2020 and 17-02-2020.
19-02-2021 [Notification] M.E./M.Tech. (CBCS) II Semester Makeup Exminations will be conducted from 01-03-2021 onwards.
11-02-2020 [Notification - Makeup Exams] M.E./M.Tech. (CBCS) I Semester Makeup Examinations will be conducted from 20-02-2020.
22-03-2021 [Notification] M.E./M.Tech. (CBCS) I Semester End Examinations (Main) Theory & Practical Examinations
11-10-2022 [Revaluation Notice] M.E./M.Tech II-Semester Main Examinations September 2022
22-10-2018 [Notification] M.E./M.Tech (CBCS) I-Semester theory examinations
09-08-2021 [Notification] M.E./M.Tech (CBCS) I-Semester Makeup Examinations will be conducted in September 2021
08-03-2022 [Notification] M.E./M.Tech III Semester Makeup Examinations
10-06-2021 [Notification] M.E. M.Tech. IV-Sem Dissertation evaluation for the academic year 2020-2021
01-05-2024 new [Notification] M.E. / M.Tech. IV-Semester Thesis Evaluation A.Y. 2023-2024