Notifications : Examinations (CIE & SEE)

Date Published Description
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02-04-2024 new [Notification] B.E. VI, IV & II-Semesters Main & Backlog Theory and Lab Examinations and B.E. V, III & I-Semesters Supplementary Examinations held in June/July-2024
05-03-2024 new [Notification] M.E./M.Tech. I-Semester Make-up Theory Examinations held in March-2024
05-03-2024 new [Notification] B.E. VIII-Semester Main & Backlog Examinations and B.E. VII-Semester Supplementary Examinations held in May-2024
27-02-2024 [Revaluation Notice] M.E./M.Tech. I and III - Semester Main Examinations held in Jan/Feb-2024
23-02-2024 [Revaluation Notice] B.E. I,III & V Semesters Main and Backlog Examinations, held in Jan/Feb-2024
17-01-2024 [Revaluation Notice] B.E. VII Semester Main and Backlog Examinations held in December-2023/January-2024
01-12-2023 [Notification]  M.E./M.Tech I & III-Semesters (Main) Theory Examinations held in January/February-2024
14-11-2023 [Notification] B.E. I & III-Semesters_Main & Backlog_Theory & Practical Examinations held in January/February-2024
11-10-2023 [Notification] M.E./M.Tech. IV-Semester (Late Submission) Thesis Evaluation for the Academic Year 2022-2023
04-10-2023 [Notification] B.E. V & VII- Sem. (Main & Backlog) Theory & Practical Examinations (Regular & Honours) Notification
28-09-2023 [Revaluation Notice] BE II-Sem ,IV-Sem and II-Yr II-Sem Advanced Supplementary and ME II-Sem Makeup Examinations
08-09-2023 [Revaluation Notice] Combined Result of BE I to IV Semester Examinations , held in Jul/Sep-2023
30-08-2023 [Revaluation Notice] B.E. II-Semester Main & Backlog Examinations held in Aug-2023
30-08-2023 [Revolution Notification] M.E/M.Tech II-Semester and IV-Semester Main Examinations held in Aug-2023
30-08-2023 [Notification]  B.E. II-Semester Advanced Supplementary Examinations