Notifications : Examinations (CIE & SEE)

Date Published Description
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16-08-2021 [Notification] BE(CBCS) I Semester Supplementary Examinations
16-11-2021 [Notice] BE(CBCS) III, V & VII Semesters Main & Backlog Theory & Practical Examinations (Offline) and BE II Year I Semester, III Year I Semester & IV Year I Semester Backlog Theory & Practical Examinations (Offline)
08-09-2023 [Revaluation Notice] Combined Result of BE I to IV Semester Examinations , held in Jul/Sep-2023
20-09-2018 [Notification] III-Semester (CBCS) & V-Semester (CBCS) Main & Backlog, I-Semester (CBCS) Backlog
17-03-2020 [Notification] In view of the closure of the college from 16.03.2020 to 31.03.2020, the last date for the submission of Examination application form (EAF) along with examination fee payment is extended and revised schedule will be announced later.
28-02-2020 [Notification] M.C.A. (CBCS) VI-Semester Main May 2020
06-05-2022 [Notification] M.E. (CBCS) I-Semester Makeup Examinations will be conducted in May-2022
12-02-2019 [Notification] M.E. / M.Tech (CBCS) I-Semester (Make Up) Examinations will be conducted in the month of February, 2019
01-05-2024 new [Notification] M.E. / M.Tech. II-Semester Main Examination July-2024
01-05-2024 new [Notification] M.E. / M.Tech. IV-Semester Thesis Evaluation A.Y. 2023-2024
10-06-2021 [Notification] M.E. M.Tech. IV-Sem Dissertation evaluation for the academic year 2020-2021
08-03-2022 [Notification] M.E./M.Tech III Semester Makeup Examinations
09-08-2021 [Notification] M.E./M.Tech (CBCS) I-Semester Makeup Examinations will be conducted in September 2021
22-10-2018 [Notification] M.E./M.Tech (CBCS) I-Semester theory examinations
11-10-2022 [Revaluation Notice] M.E./M.Tech II-Semester Main Examinations September 2022