Circulars : Examinations (CIE & SEE)


Date Published Description
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26-08-2022 [Circular] The scheduled Discrete Structures (old) Examination for B.E. II-Semester Backlog is postponed.
29-08-2022 [Circular] The Scheduled Basic Engineering Mechanics (Old-CSE) Examination for B.E. II-Semester Backlog students on 28-09-2022 is postponed to 30-09-2022.
29-06-2022 [Circular] The scheduled B.E. VI Semester Main & Backlog Examinations on 29.06.2022 and 01.07.2022 are postponed due to administrative reasons. [REVISED SCHEDULE]
10-11-2021 [Circular] The examination [Mechanical Vibrations (Old)], scheduled on 26-11-2021 for B.E. III Year II Semester is postponed to 29-11-2021.
27-07-2023 [Circular] REVISED –SEE Theory Time-table for BE-IV Semester program
27-07-2023 [Circular] REVISED –LAB SEE Time-table for BE-II Semester program
27-07-2023 [Circular] REVISED –LAB SEE and SEE Theory Time-table for BE-VI Semester program
27-07-2023 [Circular] REVISED –II Internal Time-table for ME/M.Tech –II Semester program
17-12-2018 [Circular] Rescheduling of B.E. IV Year I-Semester (Civil Engineering) Main and Backlog Examination
14-12-2018 [Circular] Rescheduling of B.E. (CBCS) V-Semester Main (New) and B.E. III Year I-Semester Backlog (Old) Examination
16-10-2020 [Circular] Reschedule of the Postponed Examination
01-10-2020 [Circular] Re-Schedule of B.E. V,IV,III Semesters, Bridge Course, III Year I-Semester and II Year I & II Semester Examinations for those who are pursuing VIII Semester or completed VIII Semester (Time Tables Dated 21.09.2020).
18-08-2021 [Circular] Reschedule of B.E VI Semester and IV Semester Examinations due to Public Holiday on 20.08.2021
15-05-2023 [Circular] Preponed of B.E. VI-Semester Backlog Examination - Power Systems-II (old)
17-09-2022 [Circular] Postponement of Engineering Graphics-I (Old) of BE I-Semester Supplementary examination.