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07-Sep-2020 [Online Fee Payment]  BE 2 year III-Semester, 3 year V-Semester, 4 year VII-Semester and ME 2 year III-Semester Tuition Fee for 2020-2021.
29-May-2019 [Online Results]  MCA IV, III and II-sem and MCA VI, V, IV and III-sem held in Apr/May-2019
25-Mar-2020 [Information]  Written test for the recruitment of Assistant Professor positions for various departments is postponed. Revised date will be intimated soon. Please visit college website periodically for details of test and revised date.
05-Mar-2020 [Syllabus]  Written Test Syllabus for the recruitment of Assistant Professor - 2020
08-Nov-2018 [Workshop]  A Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on "Machine Learning Using Python" from 29th November - 5th December, 2018 organized by Department of Information Technology, Vasavi College of Engineering (Autonomous), Hyderabad in association with Electronics and ICT Academy, NIT Warangal
03-Jul-2021 new [Time Table]  B.E. VIII-Semester Backlog Examination Time Table (This Examination is not reflected in the Examination Time Table issued on 26-06-2021)
26-Jun-2019 [Time Table]  BE II year II Semester (OLD) Advanced Supplementary Examination
11-Jul-2019 [Notification]  BE IV Year II Semester Combined and Makeup, B.E.(CBCS) I, II, V Semesters & II Year I Semester, III Year I Semester Suppli., M.E./M.Tech. (CBCS) II Semester Main and MCA (CBCS) IV Semester & II Year II Semester Adv. Suppli. Examinations held in June/July 2019.
22-Jun-2019 [Online Results]  BE VI Semester(CBCS) (Main), BE IV Semester(Main&Backlog),III Year II Semester(Suppli),II Year II Semester(Supli) Examinations held in May 2019
16-Dec-2019 [Information]  Department of Electricial and Electronics received a grant of Rs.2.69 lakhs for conducting Short Term Training Programme (STTP) on "Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Systems: Scope and Future trends" under STTP, AICTE.
03-Mar-2020 [Application Form]  Form of application for use by candidates applying for Non-Teaching posts
30-Jan-2019 [Time Table]  I – Internal Test Time-Table for MCA IV Semester (2/3– II Semester) course for the year 2018-2019.
01-Mar-2021 [Online Results]  M.E./M.Tech. III Semester (CBCS) Main Examinations held in February 2021
06-Nov-2019 [Time Table]  ME/MTECH I and III Semester (CBCS) Main Examinations Jan-2020
09-Feb-2019 [Result Sheet]  ME/MTECH I-Semester(CBCS)(Main) Examinations held in Dec-2018/Jan-2019
09-Feb-2019 [Online Results]  ME/MTECH I-Semester(CBCS)(Main) Examinations held in Dec-2018/Jan-2019
04-Jan-2019 [Circular]  Merit Awards (First, Second & Third prizes) for the academic year 2017-2018 [B.E, M.C.A. and M.E./M.Tech. ]
01-Oct-2020 [Notification]  Notification Special Examinations for B.E. VIII Semester Students
04-Sep-2020 [User Manual]  Online Examination Form (EAF) User Manual
05-Feb-2020 [Online Result]  Results of B.E. I Semester (CBCS) (Main), I Semester (Suppli.), B.E. V Semester (CBCS) (Main), V Semester (CBCS) (Suppli.), III year I Semester (Suppli.), III Semester (CBCS)(Suppli.), and B.E. V Semester (CBCS) (Main), V Semester (CBCS) (Suppli.), III year I Semester (Suppli.), III Semester (CBCS)(Suppli.) Examinations held in January 2020
18-Jun-2021 [Quiz Time Table]  Second Quiz Test Online Time –Table for B.E II Semester for the year 2020-2021
11-Dec-2020 [Information]  Student Advisory for I BE Programme
30-Oct-2018 [Workshop]  THREE DAY NATIONAL LEVEL WORKSHOP ON Machine Learning and It’s Applications (28th–30th November 2018) Organized by Department of Computer Science & Engineering Vasavi College of Engineering (AUTONOMOUS)
05-Mar-2021 [Time Table] [Revised] B.E. (CBCS) II, IV and VI-Semester Supplementary Exminations (Offline) March/Aprial 2021
16-Mar-2021 [Time Table] [Revised] B.E. (CBCS) I-Semester end Main (Offline) Examinations, April 2021
05-Mar-2021 [Time Table] [Revised] B.E. I semester on campus Lab Time Table 2020-2021 w.e.f. 08-03-2021
24-Feb-2021 [Time Table] [Revised] B.E. III, V, VII Semester (Main) (Online) Practical Examinations for the Academic Year 2020-2021.
12-Mar-2021 [Open Elective Schedule and Syllabus] [Revised] BE VI Semester Open Elective Registration Schedule and Syllabus
08-Feb-2021 [Time Table] [Revised] Second Quiz Test online Time-Table for B.E. I Semester for the year 2020-2021
08-Nov-2019 [National Conference] 4th National Conference on Communications and Signal Processing (NCCSP - 2020) 25-26, April 2020 Organized by Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, VCE.
13-Oct-2020 [Conference ] 4th National Conference on Communications and Signal Processing (NCCSP-2020) by the Department of ECE, scheduled on November 13th to 14th through online mode.
11-Nov-2019 [Conference] 5TH AINET INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE - 10-Jan-2020 - 11-Jan-2020 - Organized by Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, VCE, Hyd.
20-Jun-2019 [Circular] 5th International yoga day celebration on 21 June 2019