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Collaborations and MOUs

S.No. Name of the Organization Year of signing MoU Duration Scope Particulars of Faculty / Students involved
1 SolarBull LLP 06/01/2020 5 years Electrical Energy Audit P.Ravi, Dr.M.Chakravarthy
2 Sri Gayatri Energy Services 7/04/2021 5 Years Consultancy Work Dr.M.Chakravarthy, Dr.Ch.V.S.S. Sailaja, G.Sandya Rani.
3 VARCAS 31-03-2022 2 Years Research Dr.M.Chakravarthy, G.Mahesh
4 Eprosys Engineering Consultants India, Pvt.Ltd 1/4/2023   Power flow Studies/ Consultancy Projects Dr.M.Chakravarthy, P.Ravi