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Students Placement Information for the Academic Year 2017-2018 as on 12-04-2018
S.No.OrganizationPackage (Lakhs p.a. Rs.)CSEECEEEEITMech.CivilMCAME-ECEME-MechME-COMMME-CSEME-EEETotal
1Adobe Systems (Rs.20.35 Lakhs p.a.)1-----------1
2Microsoft (Through Employee referral) (Rs.15.00 Lakhs p.a. + Stocks worth USD10000) Total (Rs.21.60 Lakhs p.a.)5-----------5
3Amazon Development (Internship 20 K per month) & Employment (14.00 Lakhs p.a.+ Stocks worth 8 Lakhs. )5-----------5
4JPMorgan Chase & Co. (Through Code for Good Challenge) (Rs.7.50 Lakhs p.a.)6--5--------11
5Accolite Software India Pvt. Ltd (Rs.10.00 Lakhs p.a.)2--3--------5
6Oracle India Private Ltd., (Vertical : UGBU) (Rs 9.00 Lakhs p.a)112-8--------21
7Deloitte Consulting (India) Private Limited (Vertical : Consulting) (Rs.6.20 Lakhs p.a.)1114-12--------37
8Unistring Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd (Internship) (Rs.10 Thousand Permonth)---------2--2
9Pega Systems (Rs.8.20 Lakhs p.a.)124-6--------22
10Thomson Reuters (Internship 12K per month) & Employment (4.50 Lakhs p.a.)------7---4-11
11TEK Systems (Rs.6.00 Lakhs p.a.)1--1--------2
12Infosys (Through Pega), (Rs.4.50 Lakhs p.a.)10825--------25
13Zensar (Through Pega) (Rs.5.00 Lakhs p.a.)3--4--------7
14Open Text (Internship) (Rs.15K per month)9--4--------13
15TCS (Pega - Robotics & Process Automation) (Rs.3.75 Lakhs p.a.)116412--------33
16Areteans Tech (Through Pega) (Rs.4.50 Lakhs p.a.)12----------3
17Infosys (Rs.3.25 Lakhs p.a.)111947226------69
18Accenture (Rs.3.50 Lakhs p.a.)243117172995-----132
19GeP Solutions Pvt. Ltd (Rs.4.25 Lakhs p.a.)3--1--------4
20Service Now (Rs.11.00 Lakhs p.a.)2-----------2
21NCR Corporation (Rs.5.50 Lakhs p.a.)69----------15
22Optum – United Health Group (Rs.3.60 Lakhs p.a.)12--13--------25
23Capgemini (Rs.3.05 Lakhs p.a.)1627718145------87
24EnergyTech Global Private Limited (Internship 15 K per month) (Rs.4.50 Lakhs p.a.)2--1--------3
25Deloitte Consulting (India) Private Limited (Vertical : Advisory) Thorugh : ESchool Maverick (Rs.6.20 Lakhs p.a.)3-----------3
26Hyundai Mobis India Limited (Rs.4.00 Lakhs p.a.)1411--------7
27Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (Internship 30K per month) 8--1--------9
28HCL (Through Pega) (Rs.4.00 Lakhs p.a.)-1-4--------5
29FactSet (Rs.5.50 Lakhs p.a.)11-1--------3
30Genpact (Rs.1.80 Lakhs p.a.)-1117-------10
31AMD R&D Center India Pvt Ltd Internship (25K) & Employment (Rs9.00 Lakhs p.a)-------2----2
32ADP (Rs.4.00 Lakhs p.a.)1--3--------4
33Epam (Rs.6.00 Lakhs p.a.)3-----------3
34DBS Asia Hub 2 Pvt Ltd. (Rs.7.00 Lakhs p.a.)4-----------4
35ADTRAN Networks India Pvt. Ltd. (Internship 20 K per month) & Employment (5.50 Lakhs p.a.)63-2--------11
36Aaseya Technologies Limited (Through Pega) (Rs.3.80 Lakhs p.a.)-222--------6
37Spoors Technology Solutions (Rs.2.40 Lakhs p.a.)11----------2
38Bank of America (Through Pega) (Rs.4.25 Lakhs p.a.)13-4--------8
39Microsoft (Through WISE Program) (Rs.10.60 Lakhs p.a.)---2--------2
40Ivy Comptech Private Limited (Internship 25 K per month) & & Employment (Rs.8.00 Lakhs p.a.)11----------2
41Service Now (Internship) (Rs.25K per month)2--2--------4
42West Agile Labs (Internship 12 K per month) & Employment (5.00 Lakhs p.a.)1--1--------2
43Salesforce (Rs.5.50 Lakhs p.a.)5--8--------13
44Copart India Private Limited (Rs.6.00 Lakhs p.a.)131---------5
45DEF Team Solutions Private Limited(Internship 10 K per month) & Employment (3.5 Lakhs p.a )------1---1-2
46Dolcera ITES (P) Ltd.(Rs.3.30 Lakhs p.a.)-3----------1
47Cognizant Technology Solutions(Rs.6.00 Lakhs p.a.)---11-------4
48Couponkosh(Internship 5 K per month) & Employment (1.8 Lakhs p.a )-1----1-----1
49Byju's (Think & Learn Pvt. Ltd)(Internship 25 K per month) & Employment (9.00 Lakhs p.a.)-2--1-------3
50TechnipFMC Technologies India Private Limited(Rs.5.65 Lakhs p.a.)----1-------1
51IESoft Technologies(Internship 10 K per month) & Employment (Rs.2.70 Lakhs p.a.)12----------1
52DispatchTrack Software Pvt Ltd,(Rs.2.50 Lakhs p.a.)--2-2-------8
53Medha Servo Drives Pvt. Ltd.(Rs.3.25 Lakhs p.a.)------------1
54Arcserve India Software Solutions (P) Limited(Rs.7.00 Lakhs p.a.)14-1--1-----3
55Qspiders : Training & Placements(Rs.2.40 Lakhs p.a.)1142--1-----11
56Netcracker Technology(Rs.5.50 Lakhs p.a.)1-1-3-------5
57Aliens Space Station (Rs.2.00 Lakhs p.a.)--5---------5
58AMD R&D Center India Pvt Ltd (Rs7.50 Lakhs p.a)1-----------1
Gross Selections-208155511538020162-25-692
Net Selections-115104381025615112-25-450
% of Selelctions-83.9478.7863.3382.2545.9028.3031.4240.00-33.3355.55-64.19

1No of students with 1 Offer(s)270
2No of students with 2 Offer(s)124
3No of students with 3 Offer(s)52
4No of students with 4 Offer(s)3
5No of students with 5 Offer(s)1
Net Selections450

Bachelor of Engineering [B.E] Campus Placements Details - 2017 - 2018

S.No.BranchNo. of Students
GrossNet% of Selection
1CSE 137 208 115 83.94
2 ECE 132 155 104 78.79
3 EEE 60 54 38 63.33
4IT 124 153 102 82.26
5 MECHANICAL 122 80 5645.90
6 CIVIL 53 20 15 28.30
Total 628 670 430 68.47

1No of students with 1 Offer(s)255
2No of students with 2 Offer(s)120
3No of students with 3 Offer(s)51
4No of students with 4 Offer(s)3
5No of students with 5 Offer(s)1
Net Selections430